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Enterprise Resource Planning

We have the Best ERP Development Team in Coimbatore, India. AKDHA Technologies provides end-to-end ERP consulting, implementation and support services for its global clients towards helping them realize considerable return on investment in a shorter time frame. We offer customized ERP services which radically change the way our customers do business. ERP in Kerala & Coimbatore .Our ERP services help companies acquire the competitive advantage of a truly synchronized organization. Best ERP software in Coimbatore & Coimbatore Our ERP services are driven by our deep expertise and cross industry experience and global delivery model. We provide you 360-degree view of your enterprise and enable you to optimize your processes and help you to transform your organization with well defined, simplified and power-packed offerings which take your business to the next level.

ERP Systems can help in streamlining the business and to access information from various departments of the same institution/organization. Some of the major ERP System modules we develop here include Supply Chain Management, Financial Management, Human Resource Management and Customer Relationship Management. Additional modules are added according to the requirement of the clients. In Foresight we ensure high security, lowest price guarantee and simple functional structure.


As we all know the scope of E-commerce has been increased considerably along with the development of technologies. E-Commerce Website Development Company in Kerala & Coimbatore .This has been helping us for years to make life simpler and smarter. Technology development pushed businesses to the next level called the Ecommerce. E-commerce can help you to take your website to a whole new level with so many advantages than a usual business. One of the important advantages is more customers. An e-commerce website can be accessed from anywhere. That means more customers, more profit and happy you. Some of the other advantages are automatic billing, easy payment systems, automatic email etc. Best E-Commerce Development Company in Kerala & Coimbatore, So if you are looking forward to starting one or want to make your current business online then you are on the right place. The AKDHA Technologies is one the leading Ecommerce Development Company in Coimbatore & Kerala, India.

There are various e-commerce platforms available which gives you the complete solution for your e-commerce website. Many of the successful e-commerce uses popular platforms which are way better and highly developed in the basis of technology used. These platforms are not only about clients and support but also technical and all other aspects of your business. Some of the advanced Ecommerce platforms that we used and worked with are;

  • PrestaShop
  • Magento
  • Word Press
  • OsCommerce
  • Xcart
  • ZenCart
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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an effective technique or method for promoting web pages visibility in major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and a lot more. SEO in Coimbatore, SEO in Kerala, in this procedure, there are many techniques including Keyword Research and Optimization, SEO packages in Kerala & Coimbatore Meta Tags Analysis and HTML Coding. The increase in web page visibility and vice-versa can boost up business productivity or sales. The functions are dedicated to the websites in order to acquire top and higher ranking in the major search engines or SERP's (Search Engine Result Page). The SEO professionals promote back link and inbound links in order to increase link building.

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Trademark Registration

A trademark is a visual symbol, which may be a word, name, device, label or numerals used by a business to distinguish it goods or services from other similar goods or services originating from a different business. Trademark registration in Kerala & Coimbatore, A registered trademark is an intangible asset or intellectual property for a business and is used to protect the company's investment in the brand or symbol. A trademark is registrable if it is distinctive for the goods and services you provide. Proposed trademarks that are similar or identical to an existing registered trademark cannot be registered. Also, trademarks are not registrable if it is offensive, generic, deceptive, not distinctive, contains specially protected emblems, etc.